Strong Women

Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Spend Their Time with Assholes

“I believe in strong women. I believe in a woman who is able to fight for herself. Also, I believe in a woman who does not need to hide behind her husband’s back. “B

I believe that they will deal with problems as a woman, they will not play the victim, they will not ask for pity, they will not point their fingers. He will stand upright and fight. It will face the world of a raised head and will carry the universe in its heart “- C. JoyBell C.

Powerful women are independent and happy when they are alone, they do not need a man to give them stability and peace in their lives. These women do not consider seeing men as key to feeling fulfilled, and the time they do not spend with men becomes even more precious and meaningful.

Still, being a strong woman is much harder than you think, because they have to deal with all the challenges of life themselves, and depend on themselves.

The power of positive thinking says:

“Powerful women know that, more than anything else, they have to take care of themselves, and that they can not ask anyone else to come to save them. They went through many battles and learned what independence really means.

Powerful women never knew how it was when you needed someone because they had to take care of themselves from their own feet. Every strong woman you know has gone through bad experiences in life, but has come out of them as a champion in the heart, not allowing any wrong step or an accident to stop it. “

Besides that

“They do not seek partners to get anything from him; They are looking for someone to bring added value into their lives. And they just want someone to inspire them, and not pull them down. In the same way. Also, they want to make sense in one’s life and experience the importance of giving and taking in a relationship. A strong woman would never take more than she is willing to give when it comes to love.

A strong woman is attracted only by a positive, inspirational person because she has gone through a lot of things in her own life and does not want someone to drag her back into the mud. It will always solve the problem with you, but it will not tolerate constant bite and toxic behavior. “

Actually, being in a toxic relationship is something that no one should tolerate. The unhealthy attitude only destroys life of the couple, destroying their sense of self worth and bringing only sadness and pain.

It is therefore necessary to abandon such a relationship, because partners only postpone their peace and happiness they can get when they leave each other.

Everyone should dedicate your personal time and energy to those who deserve it and if you have not yet found your love, you will find more happiness if you are alone. It’s absolutely great to be open for liaison, but if you are alone and completely happy, it’s also acceptable and just as great.

Powerful women often decide not to lose their energy on relationships that will only hurt them, because they know very well that it is far better to be alone than to be in an unhealthy relationship.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely, so be free what you really want, and make sure you become the person of your dreams before you start building a love relationship with someone.

The Buddha once said, “I, as well as anyone else in the whole cosmos, deserve your love and attachment.”

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