Walk Barefoot

Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot

Earth purifies our energy. Do you ever walk barefoot?

Summer is an ideal opportunity to take off your shoes and go on a “barefoot” walk. Maybe they will be a little bit crazy, we will make a little effort to keep the balance of the body, but these are all the exercises that will help us and whose ultimate effect will be better health and better mood. When the muscles and joints of the feet become tighter, and the skin on the tangles thickens, you will be able to slowly walk more and more in barefoot and in all the more diverse substrates.

Here are two texts about the benefits of barefoot walking; one wonderful personal experience and a review of health benefits.

Earth purifies our energy

Imagine that you can walk barefoot wherever you want, whenever you want. If your shoes are not needed at all. You can freely walk barefoot on a bare and warm earth, in a gentle and fresh grass, in a soft and moist foliage, in cold snow, over a glowing hard stone, and nothing bothering you, that makes you all happy. You can feel stability in your feet, skill in every step, and you can feel the coolness, warmth, structure of the base on which you are walking.

How much did we really get away from nature?

Our shoes are really comfortable, but what have we lost? If we are created to walk on this planet in a natural environment, this is probably not a coincidence.

First of all, through our soles, we connect with the natural energy field of the earth. She’s our mother. It provides us with everything we need in a physical sense, but also in energy. There is an inseparable connection between us and our planet, a process that allows for mutual awareness. When we are directed to the heavens, energy is lowered through our body through our crown chakra, and it passes through our feet to our planet. These are the energies and information they need for its existence and its progress. And it has its own consciousness, which grows and develops.

On the other hand, it gives us the energy that it forms in its center, the energy of pure and universal love that allows manifestation on the physical plane. So we manifest our ideas, and it helps us in this. It’s crazy that we’ve separated so much from it, because now, when we want to create something, we have, besides, the troubles on the shoe with a bunch of other obstacles that we have been collecting in the meantime.

Our planet also processes and purifies our energy. When we stand on the ground of our planet, our accumulated tension disappears, and our body is filled with pure and powerful energy. The feeling of bare feet on the natural soil is very pleasant and refreshing. It provides maternal energy and love to all living beings who live on it. It is not only the earth that is fertile, but the whole of the Earth is fruitful.

What prevents you from walking barefoot? The thought that your feet will get dirty. You’ll get cold. That you will cut into something. Believe me, that’s all unnecessary. The country is much nicer than you think. I could not imagine that until I tried it myself. (My dear is worthy of this idea, which I actually met a barefoot in the woods.

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