Improve Eyesight

How To Improve Eyesight, Fight Conjunctivitis, Cure Cataract, And Many Eyes Diseases

Carrots have many vitamins that are very useful for humans. Some of them help to improve eyesight, fight conjunctivitis, cure cataract, and many eyes diseases. These are the two most important vitamins for our vision.

Vitamin A activates growth and working ability. It acts against the “chicken blindness” and against the weakening of the eyesight.

Vitamin PP (nicotinamide or antipalagric vitamin) plays an important role in oxidation and recovery processes and enters the composition of important enzymes.

Vitamin PP is used to treat arteriosclerosis, diseases of the digestive tract, cardiovascular and nervous system as well as against skin and eye diseases, but also against diabetes.

Astigmatism, cataract, conjunctivitis, and other eye diseases

Astigmatism is a disorder of the optic system of the species due to a lack of organic atoms in the diet, as well as due to impure impurities in organs and in the glands that directly affect the eyes. The cataract is a blur of the eye lens. The liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas of the thyroid, and the colon are organs and glands whose ineffective work causes various disorders in the optic system of the eyes.

1) juice mixture from carrots (200 ml), celery (150 ml), magnesium leaf (60 ml)
2) Juice mixture from carrots (340 ml), magnesium leaf (115 ml).
3) A mixture of juices from carrots (255 ml), celery (140 ml), magnesium leaf (60 ml).

If you have all kinds of vegetables and juices from them, then use those that your body best accepts.