Okra is Natural Botox

Okra is Natural Botox and Vegetable That Protects The Kidneys And Does 100 Wonders For The Body!

Okra, or, ladies fingers – a vegetable full of vitamins and minerals, has been grown for 5000 years. The reason for its survival and so much worship lies in the fact that it is referred to in folk medicine as a plant that heals and regulates sugar, cholesterol, liver function, helps with asthma and stomach problems. A special chapter ties in with her skin regeneration power.

Okra is a one-year-old tree whose origins of cultivation date back to centuries BC and data show that its origin was in the Nile Valley. It is used in various ways, boiled, stewed, fresh in a salad, can be marinated, dried, ground and used as a spice.

Its dried seeds are also taken as a supplement or complete substitute for coffee. The dried part of the fruit is also used as a tea.

It is also interesting that in the preparation of okra dishes, no additives and scraps are required. Namely, okra is known as a natural thickener and brewer.

Okra health benefits

Many women claim that okra has miraculous abilities. Many say that okra is the plant of the future. It has become extremely popular in Norway as a food that can miraculously improve health. Over time, the news of this plant spread around the world as well as seeds and is now found in all parts of the planet.

Due to its ingredients, okra is medically proven to be ideal for eliminating the gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Then in diseases of the stomach and intestines, it is recommended in various reductive diets to restore the digestive system. Okra contains fibers that help stabilize blood sugar levels. Okras mucous binds cholesterol and helps with chronic exhaustion. It is excellent for lining the gastric wall and developing intestinal fauna because okra mucous lining the stomach protecting it from bacteria and against increased secretion of gastric acid and regulating digestion. It has a very good effect on chronic exhaustion and depression.

Super skin – Okra is Natural Botox

It is clinically proven that okra contains myxinol, an herbal alternative to botox. And it’s special because unlike injectable botox, okra’s active substances have no side effects. Even Cleopatra knew about her powers. And she used it extensively to preserve beauty. The okra has certain ingredients that cause the skin’s smoothness and tightness, which is a sensational discovery. It has herbal natural botox, reduces muscle contractions, relaxes them, counteracts the harmful effects of radicals, prevents skin aging.

Okra is also full of Vitamin C which helps the skin stay healthy and supple. This vitamin dissolves in our tissues and helps our skin retain collagen as well as recover quickly after an injury.

Okra Face Mask:

Take 3-4 okra, cook and cool, then smash them and make a thick puree from them for five minutes. Your skin will be smooth and regenerated.

Improves immunity

In addition to Vitamin C, okra contains magnesium, calcium, and iron, which help the body cope with viruses and colds.

High levels of vitamin C in the okra fight against colds and raise the body’s immunity.

It protects the kidneys

For a time, medical journals constantly promoted okra as a kidney-protecting vegetable.

A study conducted by them, states that “those who eat okra every day rebuild their kidneys better than sticking to diet foods every day.”

Strengthens bones

As you already know, Vitamin K helps calcium to be absorbed and thus the bones are further strengthened.

Okra is full of Vitamin K and is therefore excellent in the fight against osteoporosis.

Eliminates cholesterol

Okra suppresses bad cholesterol.

It helps to cleanse the blood and eliminate fat from the body.

Help fight weight gain

Okra is extremely low in calories, only 18, and is, therefore, a thank you food when you are on a diet. Since it is full of vitamins, it is an indispensable food during the period of cleansing the body.

Because it contains fiber, okra helps improve digestion, regulates blood sugar, prevents the first symptoms of asthma, and is an extremely useful vegetable.

So the next time you go to the market, look for these vegetables and save them as a side dish and do yourself a favor!

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