Coconut Oil Sunscreen

How to Make Coconut Oil Sunscreen that Protects Your Skin From Both UVA and UVB rays

Did you know that very easily you can make yourself a sunscreen?

It will take only a few ingredients for it, and the result will be a completely natural and healthy sunscreen.

It will reduce the risk of melanoma and other serious illnesses associated with industrial creams and sunscreens.

The main ingredient of home-made sunscreens are natural oils that have a high protective factor.

Natural creams and oils, which you can make yourself, most often contain beeswax and vitamin E.

Coconut Oil Sunscreen Cream (SPF 30)

  • ⅛ cup beeswax
  • ¼ cup of shea butter
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • 2 soup spoons of zinc oxide powder


In the middle pot, pour water and boil.

Place the second bowl on the pot, soak the beeswax, butter and oil on a steam.

Remove from the fire and add zinc oxide.

Mix the mixture in a blender or an ordinary mixer to allow the zinc oxide to melt.

When you get a smooth mixture, pour into a jar or a bowl that will be practical for your beach wear.

If desired, add a little Chilean hazelnut oil, which naturally has a high UV protection factor, quickly absorbs into the skin and fits all skin types.

Numerous studies have shown the detrimental effect of purchasing cream and sunscreen products on human health.

Did you know that melanoma is the most common in the countries where the most commonly used sunscreens are industrial?

If you apply such products to your skin, they disable the synthesis of sun-D-vitamin in your body.

The disadvantage of this vitamin is associated with various forms of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Sunscreens protect skin from UVB, but not UVA radiation.

They also contain a number of dangerous ingredients that disrupt the endocrine and brain function, promote allergic reactions, and increase the risk of cancer.

Among the particularly harmful ingredients are:

  • oxybenzone – contains more than 65 percent cream, it acts as an estrogen in the body and leads to hormone imbalance
  • Retinol palmitate – A form of vitamin A that is used as a stabilizer in the creams, which is actually harmful to the skin.

Both ingredients are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer.

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