How I Cured My Psoriasis Completely With Christmas Tree Baths And Drink

Fortunately, I did not have a severe degree of damage from psoriasis. Smaller tiles were scattered over my body, and water from the Christmas tree helped me to fight with the disease. You should drink 100 ml of this water twice daily for 45 days, then take a break of two weeks and take the water 30 days again. I combined this with Christmas tree baths, between drinking the water and taking the bath you should make a pause about five to six hours.

The spa recipe:

I prepare a Christmas tree emulsion: 550 ml of pure water is boiled in an enameled container, add 0,75 g of salicylic acid and put on fire. When the water boils, add 30 g of children’s soap and boil the mixture on low heat until it is completely dissolved. Remove the mixture from the fire and gradually put half a liter of Christmas tree oil, mixing the contents. When it is mixed well, put the mixture in a bottle and close the bottle well with a plastic blunt.

The emulsion is kept in a dark and cool place.

For the bathroom, it is necessary to place in the tub 180 liters of water with a temperature between 39 and 41 degrees, to measure with a cylinder 15 ml of the before prepared emulsion (the contents of the bottle should be previously shaken), put the emulsion in the bathtub and mix with the hand. After this, you can get into the water.

In each subsequent bath, add another 5 ml emulsion (meaning, for the second bath you will need 20 ml, for the third 25 ml …) while the dose does not reach 85 ml. While bathing, you may feel stinging. It is easier to take the bath if you previously apply vaseline on the armpits and on the crotches. Two years after this treatment, I had a relapse of the disease.

I repeated all the therapy and the tiles of psoriasis disappeared very quickly in ten days.