Ankle Mole

Girl On Twitter Reports All Women Have Ankle Mole

Recently, on twitter, Irene Whitley posted a photo of her wrist beside the wrists of her friends claiming that all women had a mole in the middle of this arm. To prove her theory, she asked the Internet community to help her test the hypothesis. After that, the evidence began to roll. Some are slightly on the side, others on the back of the arm, others masked by surrounding freckles, but still, almost every woman seems to have them.

Ankle Mole

The freckle challenge has since gone viral, with another user adding a new layer to the mystery: “Every girl has a mole on her right wrist and / or left breast.”

The question is now: Do you have a wrist mole?

Ankle Mole

Here are some of the twitter statements that have joined the challenge:

“At first I thought, no, there is no way I can have it. Then I looked at my left wrist. “

“I thought I didn’t, but it turned out that I was hiding my mole under the clock.”

“This bothered me.”

“I do not have. Does this mean I’m not a woman? “

“Your hands are most often exposed to the sun, so congratulations to all that you statistically have sun damage.”

“Twist in the story: This is a witch sign, and we are all a group of witches.”

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