cracked heels

Get Rid Of Cracked Heels Fast And Easy With This Amazing Recipe

Summer is already here, and the heels through the winter have become cracked, our skin is dry and they become painful. We have the solution to have soft heels and to get rid of the cracked heels forever.

When I already share folk recipes with you, let’s mention this one. A few years ago, my wife had problems with cracked heels, and the skin on her feet was dry and painful. How tough it was! What she did not do was try different creams, but the results were only short-lived …

And the remedy for cracked heels we found in an old magazine that my mother had kept and it was full with natural and old remedies (earlier my mother carefully kept all the newspapers with different home recipes.

The recipe for cracked heels

Add tablespoon medicinal glycerin and 9 percent vinegar. Then mix them and rub the mixture into the skin. After a week my wife’s heels became soft and clean, as in her youth, and the pain was gone. Now she put regular cream on her heelsĀ and sometimes puts Vaseline.