If You Have More Than 35 And You Have Wrinkles, Rub It On Your Skin And Your Wrinkles Are Going To Disappear Like Magic

The motherland of the anise is the Middle East and the islands of the eastern part of the Mediterranean. As an agricultural crop is cultivated in South and Central America, Lebanon, India, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, and Germany. Аnise is a one-year herbaceous herb, 20-60 cm high. It grows like a wild fruit somewhere in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The drug originates only from the herd. The anise is very pleasant, with an intense smell of anetol, and with a sweet, aromatic, warm and a bit of a tasty taste. Аnise is characterized by its being encapsulated with small single-celled, warty fibers with thick jokes and has very small bruises.

Chemical composition:

Аnise contains 1, -5 4 percent essential oil, about 10 percent fatty oil, 20 percent protein and sugar. Anisi aetheroleum is obtained by distillation by means of water vapor from mature fresh fruits.

Anise is our go-to herb if we want a skin without wrinkles. Also, anis have many health benefits is super healthy. You don’t need botox you just need anise tea. Here is how to make it and how to use it.


  • 1 Fist of anise
  • 1 glass of water


Heat the water and when it starts to boil put the anise seeds in the water. Let it boil about 3 minutes, and leave it there until it stops boiling.

Let it cool and then strain the liquid into a glass bottle or jar that is previously sterilized.


Use this mixture every day. After waking up, wash your face first with water, and then with the mixture. Or you can take cotton balls and soak them in the mixture and tap them on your face.