3 Home Remedies To Kill Mouth Herpes

3 Home Remedies To Kill Mouth Herpes

In order not to get infected with herpes, it is necessary for our immunity to be stable and strong, and you need to know some simple methods of resisting this virus. Folk medicine in practice has already confirmed the effectiveness of many available resources, some of them I want to tell you and you will be able to kill mouth herpes

Garlic and Christmas tree against Mouth Herpes

Against herpes, garlic is good: crushed garlic cloves and rub it on herpes overnight. Do as long as herpes do not heal. And during the day, every two hours, use Christmas tree oil on the herpes rash. This procedure contributes to the rapid healing of the mucous membrane. The aforementioned two agents have a very strong anti-viral effect thanks to the natural phytocondins in them.

An egg flask

Remove the sticky side from the inside of the chicken egg, stick it to the sore spot, it will pass very quickly.

The onion will stop the herpes

Cut off the root from the onion head, and when the milk-white liquid appears, then put that on the skin on the lips as soon as you notice the first symptoms of herpes: no bubbles will appear in that place.