Thyme Destroys Strep Throat

Thyme Destroys Strep Throat, Flu Virus And Fights Respiratory Infections

The thyme is a plant with culinary, medical and decorative use. It belongs to the genus Thymus, and the Latin name is Thymus vulgaris. The flowers and leaves of thyme are commonly used by people in treating bedwetting, diarrhea, stomach pain, arthritis. Thyme destroys strep throat, flu virus, respiratory infections, bronchitis, colds, and gases.

In ancient Egypt, they used thyme for embalming, in Ancient Greece, as incense in the temples and as an accessory to the bathing water.

Essential thyme oil contains 20-54% thymol. Thymol belongs to a group of compounds known as “biocides” (substances that can destroy harmful organisms). When using thymol together with other biocides, such as carvacol, possesses strong antimicrobial properties. Studies have shown that thyromalgia, if used with drugs such as penicillin, reduces the resistance of harmful bacteria.

For protection in times of epidemic flu, everyday use thyme tea, because it has the ability to prevent the formation of many pathogenic infections, and even destroy them. But here it is important to emphasize that it is very important to prepare this tea the right way.

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Here is how to prepare thyme tea the right way

You should never boil this tea in an open container. No need to take more than the required amount of herbs to prepare tea. The thyme contains easily volatile medicinal ingredients and when cooked in an open container they can evaporate, so the prepared tea does not have medicinal properties. Therefore, to make a good tea, put one tablespoon of thyme, dip in 200 g of boiling water, cover the bowl and after an hour, drain the liquid, sweeten with honey and enjoy a delicious hot drink.

Thyme Destroys Strep Throat

You can also inhale the thyme, which would give even better effects during therapy. This achieves two conditions that give the best results when coughing, as it provides good hydration of the body and water vapor containing the medicinal ingredients of the thyme, successfully breaks the secret in the bronchi.

Thyme Destroys Strep Throat

This herb enters the composition of medicines for the treatment of respiratory tract, digestive organs, and so on. You can use it as a spice, preservative, and antiseptic. Thyme is one of the favorite medicines in folk medicine. It has been used for centuries, above all, as a medicine for the treatment of digestive organs. You can use it against intestinal parasites, usually for children’s worms.

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