Sinus Infection And Mucus Will Be Gone With Just One Ingredient

I work as a bookkeeper for a small company. Our building has air conditioners, so the draft and moisture are regular, it’s cold, so it’s easy to get sinusitis. For sinus infections I used chestnut, I decided to try them out for a long time. With the fruits I got in autumn, I wanted to do a tincture for the treatment of the veins.

Preparation and use:

I dipped the fruits of the chestnuts in hot water to swell. Then I carefully cut the gray cot, and from the soft part cut small sticks. First I put such a piece in one nostril for five to seven minutes, then I took it out. Then I did the same with the other nostril. Immediately afterward the mucus began to flow abruptly and nod. After five treatments, the weight in my forehead was gone and I began to breathe normally. Quickly healed. It is important to be careful not to get stuck your chestnut into your nostrils. It is recommended that chestnut pieces be placed in the nose every other day.

Chestnut fruits contain substances that strengthen the capillaries, improving blood flows against the inflammatory effect. You can also boil the white soft part of the chestnut’s fruit and inhale the steam until the weld is cool. Inhalation is practiced before bedtime.

But before that, you should consult a specialist and check that the heat procedures are contraindicated.