Say Goodbye to Cough Phlegm, Flu, and Clean the Lungs Forever With This Old Remedy

Carrots syrup against many illnesses

For this syrup, it is best to use carrots grown in a clean environment, free of pesticides, because then the surface layer that is the most important most healthy in the carrots is not removed. In any case, when they are washed, the carrots are to be rinsed, the juice is drained from them, the yellow sugar (even better honey) is added, it is easy to digest in order to be dense to put in a bottle. Consume it one tablespoon three times a day after eating. The action of this syrup is multistage: it helps against lung diseases, also colds, flu, inflammation of the throat, bronchitis.

Carrots to Strengthen Immunity

Carrots contain carotene provitamin A that protects the mucous membrane and have a strong antioxidant effect, that is, destroys the free radicals responsible for the onset of the tumor, but also for rapid aging. Much help to recover rapidly after infectious diseases: numerous scientific studies have shown that it strengthen immunity.


-5 carrots
-lemon juice


Mix with mixer five carrots with lemon juice. Then drink this juice every morning.