Eliminating Phlegm

Prepare Horseradish Remedy For Eliminating Phlegm And Mucus From The Lungs

Horseradish is one of our most valuable concentrated life-giving foods because it consolidates the most useful deterioration of the mucous membranes in the body, primarily in the mouth and nasal cavity, thanks to the very useful, heavily ailing ether of mustard oil.

Horseradish is eliminating phlegm and mucus from the lungs and nose. This refers to the root of the horseradish.

The remedy

Take one horseradish root. Then finely chop the root and boil it. After this, if you want to eliminate the phlegm and the mucus do not take more than one teaspoon during a meal.

Horseradish also stimulates appetite and helps in the digestion of digestive juices. But it can irritate the kidneys and bladder if it is consumed in large quantities.

Horseradish contains more than 75% water, and its total mineral content is 30% for potassium and 29% for sulfur. Acid components in the horseradish are about 10% larger than alkaline.