Throat Infection

Please Read This Before You Delete It! The Cure Of The Throat Infection Is In Your Hands

It is certain that there is no person who did not feel the “pleasure” of the common cold. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease are so strong that we simply do not know what to do. There is nothing complicated about treating the cold. It’s enough to just remember the juices!

Before we approach specific recipes and recommendations, we would like to give some general advice on treating the cold with vegetables. Above all, during the illness, you should not use juices from leguminous plants and cabbage (they can stimulate the digestion process and thus cause deterioration in the health condition). Second, mixing of vegetable and fruit juices is not recommended (for example, carrots and apples). Also, you need to pay attention to your juice mixing. Don’t mix more than five different juices because such a mixture will not have any benefit, and it will cause problems with digestion.

We advise the juice of black radishes to be used in all stages of the disease: from a throat infection to a strong cough. Black radish juice mixed with honey is especially effective as a scalding agent.


  • 1 black radish medium size
  • 2-3 tablespoons honey


Clean the radish and make a small hollow in the middle. Put the honey in the hollow. Then, put the radish in a glass and wait for it to come out all the juice mixed with honey. The mixture should be taken one tablespoon before going to bed. This will cure a throat infection such as tonsillitis and sore throat.

Radish juice can be used externally for ordinary or hot coatings of the throat and chest.

If you do not like the taste of this herb you can make inhalation from the freshly squeezed juice. It will allow cleansing of the nose, better urination, softening cough, reducing inflammation of the mucous membrane in the throat thus reducing the symptoms of a sore throat and throat infection and increasing immunity to combat the disease.