Lungs Function

5 Reasons Why Garlic Is Best For Lungs Function

If you have problems with your lungs function there is a tool against lung diseases that have a tradition of more than five hundred years. The well-known vegetable with great natural ingredients, the garlic.

We give you the 5 reasons why you should use garlic if you have any of these symptoms:

1. Great remedy against loss of air

With this recipe you will sleep well, you will feel cheerful and also will reduce the loss of air.
This recipe is effective because, besides garlic, there is a lemon, that is, ascorbic acid, fruit acids, which is an excellent stimulant for the body.

Dip the grinder or grind 400 g of garlic. Carefully clean 24 lemons and squeeze the juice.
Mix the lemon juice with boiled garlic and place the mixture in a wide bottle, which should be stored for 24 days in a dark place. It is best to wrap the bottle with a dark cloth. When the liquid is ready, take it once a day before going to bed, diluting the 1-cup of the mixture in half a cup of cold water. After two weeks, you will sleep well, you will feel cheerful and will reduce the loss of air.

2. Fights chronic bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs

The butter of garlic. Take 5-6 large cloves of garlic, grind them and mix with 100 grams of butter and finely chopped garlic. In the morning, at noon and at night, knead it on bread. Against bronchial asthma, healing medications of garlic are used. This recipe can also be used in severe colds.

3. Treatment for bronchial asthma

Take 2 garlic and make them look like porridge. Put 5 lemons in it. Pour 1 liter of hot boiled water. Leave the mixture for a week in a dark place. Take it and take it 4 times a day for half an hour before eating and before going to bed. When taking the preparations, rub the chest with a butter of garlic (the slurry of garlic mixed with pork fat or with margarine) in a ratio of 1: 2. Try it at night.

Garlic recipes are based on the richness of the chemical composition of garlic and the ability of its constituents to quickly combine with organic matter.

4. You can do inhalations with garlic

On a dense cooked juice of garlic, add 1 liter of water to boil and then rinse it in a clay pot. You need to breathe in water for five minutes. If you find it difficult to make a dough-cooked juice, you can use onions that previously stood in a small amount of water for inhalation. Dilute it with boiling water and then inhale.

5. You can make liqueur garlic and use it even if you are healthy

This recipe is by physiotherapist Maurice Metsega. It is efficient and functional, so we recommend it to everyone – both sick and healthy. In a transparent bottle, have three glasses of quality red wine and add 4-5 crushed medium cloves garlic. Close the bottle with a cotton swab and leave it in a bright place for two weeks. Mix the liquid twice a day. After the expiration of this time, apply the mixture first and then put it in a dark bottle.
Liqueur garlic has its own pattern of use:
-The first day – 2 drops
-The second day – 4 drops
-The third day – 6 minutes, etc. , increasing two drops a day until you reach 24 drops.
Then drop a number of drops in the same order. When you reach 2 drops a day, repeat the pattern.