Elderberry Extract Beats The Flu, Fight Colds And Removes Bone Pain

The elderberry is a bush or a smaller tree, up to 5 meters high. It splits very early. The branches are filled with white marrow. There are parallel, oddly feathered sheets. The flowers are tiny, milky-white, with a strong smell, united in very large, beautiful, split flowers similar to the shield. The fruits are tiny, greenish, and when they are mature they are dark-purple berries with deep red-juice. Blossoms from May to July.

The elderberry grows everywhere, mostly in wet and deserted places, in populated areas and around them, along the edges of the forests. The whole bunch of firmly stems are collected in a nice and dry time as soon as the flowers begin to open. The medicinal plants are flowers with yellowish color and are very small, are from 3 to 5 mm in diameter. The herb is with a very pleasant smell.

Medicinal properties

As a medicinal means elderberry has been used since the Middle Ages. Mixtures can be used in migraine, bone pain, sciatica, neuralgia, disinfection, rinsing of the throat and mouth.

It is given as a warm sweating tea against colds, then as a diuretic and emollient (for causing vomiting).

Elderberry extract

Ages ago the juice was prepared as a dense extract and was used as a laxative. In folk medicine elderberry extract is used much more than in official medicine, for the treatment of all colds, flu, organs of urination, breathing and other. The people also use all parts of the elderberry to treat many diseases.