Clean The Lungs From Mucus And Plaque With Oatmeal

The treatment of chronic respiratory diseases without the prior cleaning of the body is little effective or it is completely unsuccessful. After cleansing, excellent results are achieved with complex impact (starvation, phytotherapy, inhalations …) of the natural and healing factors of the diseased organism. As a result of medicinal starvation, the “diseased” cells are destroyed, infected with infection, active waste (impurities, plaque) and toxins from the lungs, regenerative processes in the body are strengthened.

Why many people in their youth suffer from lung diseases?

Namely, at a certain age, the vital principle of mucus is found in the lungs and in the head. Consuming food products such as bread, meat, sweets, and fats contributes to mucus accumulating in the lungs and rot, causing pneumonia and other lung diseases. Russian wit found a way to cleanse the lungs from the mucus. Take a whole oatmeal, sprinkle with half a liter of milk and boil it on low heat, then drain it. When the oats are cooked, pass them through a sieve. As a result, you get about half a cup of liquid porridge (white coffee color) with a sweet taste. This half a cup of sweet porridge should be drunk at once, before eating. The medicine is made and used three times a day.

Remains of the oat seeds can be washed with milk through and be drunk (in severe cases). The remains are thrown. This oat potion is used for a week because so much time is needed for the lungs to be cleaned from the mucus (this is manifested by a strong and prolonged cough, after 20-30 minutes). Those who seriously suffered from inflammation of the lungs are released from the green secret in the form of compact pieces.