When It’s Cold Outside You Often Go To The Toilet? Doctors Say You Have Cold Diuresis

When you walk for longer when it is cold outside you often to go to the bathroom after that walk? You’re not alone and don’t worry about it, because it’s the cold weather.

When it’s cold outside you often pee?

When this happens, we often think we have a cold. But the real reason is in our body’s natural response when outside temperatures are low.

The very process of draining fluids from the body through peeing caused by cold weather is called cold diuresis, doctors say.

Cold diuresis can occur when body temperature drops. The biological answer to the cold is to divert more blood to your vital organs to warm them up, and the kidneys release more fluid to stabilize the increasing pressure.

And it is precisely this process that increases urine output, which makes you more likely to urinate in winter, doctors explain.

The main way to prevent cold diuresis is to dress well and avoid staying cold longer.

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