This Juice Does A Miracle With Kidney Cleansing And Kidney Stones

This Juice Does A Miracle With Kidney Cleansing And Kidney Stones

Are you sick of the cross and you doubt that you can have stones in your kidneys? You can melt the small kidney stones in a few weeks with a few changes in the diet and large amounts of water.

This purification does not serve, however, only to remove stones in the kidneys. The kidneys filter out all kinds of toxic substances from the blood and are particularly vulnerable to infections – maintaining this organ purified from toxins and functioning properly is of paramount importance to overall health.

These two juices are very effective with kidney cleansing.

Parsley leaf juice

One of the strongest juices is the parsley leaf juice. Therefore it is not recommended to drink more than 30-60 grams.

The regular use of fresh juice parsley leaves allows for normal oxygen exchange, and also supports the functioning of the adrenal and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the elements that contain the juice harden the walls of blood vessels, that is, the capillaries and arteries.

Parsley leaf juice is often used as a medicine against the disease of the urinary system. It is very effective for throwing a stone from the kidney or bladder. It is often used in nephritis and in other kidney diseases.

Cucumber juice

In kidney disease, especially in the case of kidney stone and sand, fresh juice of frostbite is recommended. It contains phosphorus, potassium, as well as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, iron, silicon, fluorine, and a series of microelements. However, this juice is only effective if you drink it fresh. It can not be stored long.