Lemons dissolve kidney stones and also eject bladder stones painless and easy. We have the easiest way and recipe, you just keep reading this article.


-1/3 lemon.
-a glass of water


Boil the glass of water. When boiled leave the water to cool down. Add one-third of the lemon. Divide this mixture into three parts.

How to use this cure:

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach, in the afternoon and at night. Treatment therapy lasts for ten days. For the next ten days drink water with half a lemon juice a day.

Additional tips:

Twice a week during the entire treatment, once a day, use a mixture of 60 grams of oil and half a lemon juice. After 18-20 days, the decayed stones will be thrown out.

Another way: Practice a vegetarian diet for three or four days. Then starve for three days. Drink 12 cups of hot water on a daily basis, and add a quarter of a lemon juice to each bowl. The stones will come out easily and painlessly.

Do not forget to clean the bowels with clustering on a daily basis.

This is the way how lemons dissolve kidney stones:

The stones can be dissolved with lemon juice for a day with a slow drinking juice of six lemons. Spend the day in bed. It is desirable to warm your feet well, wrapped in a warm blanket.

Make these recipes and share this with your family and friends.

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