Cleanse Your Kidneys

These Are The 5 Effective Juices That Can Cleanse Your Kidneys

Kidneys are known as one of the most important organs in the body. It is the one who is responsible for filtering and cleaning up the wastes in your blood. It has the ability to produce hormones that can actually stimulate the red blood cells and controls the blood pressure levels. You should naturally cleanse your kidneys.

Many people suffer from kidney stones, but instead of heavy medications, we give you five natural ways to get rid of them.

Here are 5 juices that can help you cleanse your kidneys:

1. Quinces and watermelon juice


– 1/2 cup quinces juice
– 1/2 glass of watermelon juice.

This mixture should be drunk three times a day before and after eating a half cup or three-quarters of a cup. The entire course of treatment lasts from 10 to 15 days (in the case of a serious illness) and as a preventive agent in chronic diseases – one month with a break of 10 days and a 15-day recurrence of treatment.

2. Grape juice

In addition, it is important to follow certain rules for the use of this juice. The daily dose should not exceed 1.5 liters of juice. Juice should be drunk one glass at once on the first day, 1.5 cups on the fourth day, two cups of the juice on the seventh day and so on. Treatment therapy lasts for 34 weeks. Grape juice should be drunk at a precise time: an hour and a half before breakfast, 2 hours before lunch and 1-1.5 hours before dinner.

3. Juice from watermelons

The alkaline substances contained in the juice from the watermelons allow the dissolving of the salts, and its effect on the urination allows the drainage of dissolved salts from the body. To be as efficient as possible, the juice of watermelons should be drunk as follows: half a cup of juice 3-4 times a day before meals (it is desirable to drink in the morning, all at once)

4. Strawberry juice

This juice is also an assistant in the kidney and bladder stone ejection. The composition of strawberry juice has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane and also acts against inflammatory processes. Strawberry juice should be consumed 0.5-1 cup three times a day, one hour before meals or two hours after meals. The whole therapy for treatment lasts for one month. With a break of 10 days and a 15-day recurrence of therapy.

5. Black currants juice

This excellent multivitamin agent is actively used in the treatment of diseases such as kidney stones and inflammatory processes of the kidneys and urinary tract. Juice of black currants can be used in combination with other juices. But also independently: 1-2 cups three times a day, one hour before meals. The entire treatment for this juice lasts for a month. With a break of 10 days and a 15-day recurrence of therapy. As a preventative agent, one cup of this juice should be drunk daily,