Ejection Of Kidney Stones

This 2 000 Year Old Herb Is The Key For Ejection Of Kidney Stones

Parsley, one of the most widespread spices used worldwide, dates back to the Mediterranean area and has been growing for more than 2,000 years. It is known that it was primarily used as a medicinal herb, for even later becoming an inevitable supplement in many dishes.

This strong diuretic stimulates detoxification of the body, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, relieves inflammation of the bladder and urinary channels and cleanses the skin and liver. Phytotherapy uses the leaves and root. Also is a great remedy for ejection of kidney stones.

For detoxification of the body

Cut and grinder 50 g of celery, parsley, and carrot. Then mix with some lemon juice and olive oil and eat it before the main meal. Use it for at least two weeks.

For ejection of kidney stones

Mix 25 g root of selenium, parsley, celery and sweet root, then pour over a liter of cold water and leave to stand overnight. In the morning, boil ii. When it starts to boil, leave it to boil another 2-3 minutes. Allow it to cool down, then drain it and drink it unsweetened during the day instead of water. Repeat the procedure for three days one after another, then pause a day, then repeat the therapy.