Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage

Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage For 1 Hour and Say Goodbye To Your Joint Pain

The cabbage has a round shape, white and green leaves. It is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work effectively on the overall health condition. Cabbage has anti-inflammatory ingredients that act directly on the pain, with only one leaf of cabbage your pain disappears. It is suitable for treating joint pain. Therefore when you wrap your leg with cabbage for at least 1 hour your pain will decrease.

Also, cabbage is rich in vitamin C, potassium and iron. It purifies the blood and improves liver function.

Consuming cabbage will make you look younger. You can use cabbage leaves to reduce inflammation and redness, and it also helps in treating skin problems such as: eczema, acne, psoriasis and small canines.

As already mentioned, the cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which can slow down the aging process and make your face shiny. It also has vitamins A and D, thus protecting cells from damage. Cabbage is rich in fibers that speed up digestion, so it helps to lose weight.

Cabbage for joint pain

If you combine cabbage leaves with a little vinegar, joint caused by the variable temperature in weather will stop bothering you.

If you suffer from arthritis or rheumatism, pain in the joints is inevitable and you can alleviate it with just one leaf cabbage.

How to wrap your leg with cabbage

Here’s what you need to do if you suffer from joint pain: take 2-3 cabbage leaves and soak them in water so that they can soften a little.

Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage

Then sprinkle the leaves with a little vinegar. To attach them good, make compression using a bandage, scarf or piece of cloth. You can wrap your leg with cabbage, also your knees and anywhere you feel pain. This is perhaps the easiest way to relieve joint pain known to date.

Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage

Then the coating should stand 3-4 hours in the affected area. And you can do it in the evening before you go to sleep. Then you can leave it in the affected place all night and remove it in the morning.

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