Eliminate Knee Pain

This Woman Healed Her Knees And Eliminate Knee Pain With These 3 Recipes

This woman had a severe knee pain and here is her testimony how she eliminate knee pain with these 3 natural recipes from gelatin, eggwhites and potatoes.

Effective gelatin

The neighbor, who is otherwise a doctor, advised me to drink gelatin. At night in a half-cup of boiling water, I poured a spoon of gelatin (not full) and left it until the morning to rinse. Then in the morning, I added hot water to the top and a spoon of honey, so I drank it on an empty stomach. I used this solution for ten days, and then I made a pause of two weeks, then I repeated the therapy, After the first therapy, I felt the pain disappearing. I stopped to get up at night and look for creams for salvation. And after the second therapy, I completely forgot all the troubles!

Horseradish and fat

If my knees hurt, I take a leaf of horseradish, put it in hot water for a second, then hold it for two or three hours on my knees (I bind it with a cloth and fasten it). It is obvious that the horseradish drains the accumulated salts from the knees, so the pain passes. Therapy lasts seven days.

I must mention that fat coatings are very good. On a painful place at night it is necessary to put a bandage with fresh, unsalted pork fat. In the morning, the bandage should be removed and a fresh coat should be placed in the evening. I feel relieved even after four to five such procedures.

Potatoes and egg whites

Another effective method: at the time of blooming of the potatoes, find flowers from the potatoes (better when dry weather) and dry them in a dark place. Fill them with a half-liter bottle and top with cologne. Keep it in the dark place for two to three weeks. With this remedy, mask the painful areas in case of arthritis, osteochondrosis, and radiculopathy (nerve inflammation).

And my sister applies the next remedy when her knees gave up: mix well two fresh eggs without a shell and two tablespoons of nine percent vinegar. Soak the gauze with that mixture, then place the coating on the troublesome place, then tie it with a woolen scarf. Repeat the procedure 10-12 days one after another.

Note: Carefully with potato flowers! They contain strong poison solanine, which in small doses is harmless and has medicinal properties. Rubbing the painful joints with a potato-based flower is allowed, but this is not recommended for internal use.