What Is kombucha And Is Kombucha Good For You?

What Is kombucha And Is Kombucha Good For You?

What is kombucha?

You may ask yourself what is Kombucha? Although most people know is as a fungus, it is nevertheless a mixture of several organisms of foxes, yeasts and bacteria, as well as a number of enzymes. It is built in the shape of a more multifaceted membrane with a grayish to pale frosted color and is not eaten. Kombucha is a fungus that is well known in the world and has Japanese origin. Kombucha is a symbiosis between a fungus that fits into yeasts and a bacterium that causes alcoholic acid boiling. It is thought to be a fungus of youth, as it prevents aging and wrinkles, serves as a cancer prevention and strengthens immunity.

Preparation of a kombucha tea:

Above you found out what is kombucha. Now you should learn how to prepare it. First, prepare 2 liters of boiled water, in which 2 teaspoons of black or green tea (about 5g) are added, but it is better to use green tea because with the fungus this beverage prevents cancer. Cook this tea for about 15 minutes, then drain it and add 100 g of sugar and mix well until sugar is dissolved.

The tea should cool down until it is lukewarm to 20 degrees in order not to kill the fungus. Then put the tea in a large glass jar and put the fungus in it. For each subsequent preparation of the drink, leave 10% of the original drink as a “starting fluid”. Close the jar with a gauze or thin cotton cloth so that there is air for fermentation while protecting it from pollutants, flies, and dust, do not close it with a lid.

The kombucha is kept in a warm and dark place. The ideal temperature is from 23 to 27 degrees. Fermentation takes place in dark, because the bright sunlight can destroy the fungus. During the fermentation process, the fungus degrades the sugar and turns it into CO2, and the bacteria in organic acids. So at the beginning, the drink has a mild taste, then it gets acidic as a result of switching the sugar into acid, if someone likes a mild drink then you can earlier stop the fermentation, otherwise let leave it to the end where a sour drink is obtained.

How to store the kombucha tea?

When the drink has reached the required acidity, the fungus is removed and washed with clean water. And then placed in another pre-prepared tea and 10% of the already prepared drink is added. The kombucha beverage is placed in a glass bottle and left to stand for a better 5 days before drinking in a well closed glass bottle. In this condition, the bacteria’s activity stops due to lack of air. Only the fungus that produces CO2 is active and gives it a sour taste of the drink. Kombucha beverage is good and can last for several months and is kept well closed in a glass bottle and in a cool place. The drink has a pleasant taste, foaming, less sour and refreshing. You can drink 3 times a day for a glass. In the morning on an empty stomach, at noon before lunch and at night before bedtime.

Kombucha health benefits

It is thought that the Kombucha beverage continues your longevity. The drink is rich in vitamins that are indispensable to humans. And proteins and enzymes that are beneficial to the mucous membrane. And vitreous body of the eye and other organs. It acts as a natural antibiotic. (You should also read about this other natural antibiotic) Prevents aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles as well as nursing spots on the skin. It is also established that this drink regulates blood pressure and metabolism. Stimulates the functioning of the glands and helps burn unnecessary fat in the body, and thus helps with weight loss.

It reduces urea, sugar and blood cholesterol. Helps with arthritis and rheumatism, stomach, kidney and liver disease, bone pain, arteriosclerosis, and skin diseases. It restores the intestinal flora, which helps with the constipation, accelerates circulation and helps with stress. The drink prevents cancer and strengthens the body’s immune system, helps with asthma, bronchitis, cough, colitis, diarrhea, insomnia. And is thought to restore hair growth. During menopause it purifies the body from harmful substances and prevents the appearance of various viruses as well as the most common virus in HPV women.

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