Wake Up Every Night

If You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time This Is What It Means

Rich knowledge of eastern medicine in most cases is aimed at preventing the onset of the disease. So after the time you wake up regularly at night, a potential illness can be identified.

Our organism has a biological clock, so each organ is particularly active at a certain time. If his activity makes you wake up, it primarily speaks of delays in his work. It is also important to know that certain emotions are associated with each organ. The thought that for a long time does not give you peace.

The gallbladder begins to actively process the fats in this period. The increased load signals that harmful fats (margarine, light-margarine, mayonnaise, fast food, etc.) should be avoided in the diet. In addition, more natural sources of fat should be added to the body, i.e. useful fats (salmon, mackerel, herbal oils). The emotion associated with the incomplete work of this body is condemnation.

From 1 to 3 am

This is a time of vigorous work on the liver. Probably in the diet, there are many substances toxic to the said organ (roasted, sweet, smoked, preserved, alcohol), because this has caused the organism to wake up. You should seriously re-examine the diet and correct it. Emotions related to the work of this organ are anger and irritability.

From 3 to 5 am

The lungs intensively collect oxygen before dawn, and the sleep passes because of a likely delay in the work of this organ. Do breathing exercises more often and strengthen the respiratory system. Quit the smoking, or at least reduce it. The emotion associated with the incompetent work of this organ is sadness.

From 5 am to 7 am

The colon starts to work actively, so it is possible to want to go to the toilet, which is quite natural for this time. With this, it is normal to wake up in this period – it is an indicator of healthy habits and orderly metabolism. Emotions related to the incompetent work of this organ are the impotence of situation and intolerance.