Vaping Linked to Brain Damage, Narrow Arteries & Serious Lung Damage

Vaping Linked to Brain Damage, Narrow Arteries & Serious Lung Damage

Electronic cigarette vapor can destroy cells of the immune system and be much more harmful than previously thought, studies show.

Serious lung damage

Researchers have found that e-cigarette vapor can inhibit important cells from working in the lungs.

They “warn against the widely held view that e-cigarettes are safe.”

However, the Public Health Institute of England advises that they are much less harmful than smoking ordinary cigarettes.

A small experimental study, led by Professor David Ticket, of the University of Birmingham, has been published in Thorax.

Earlier studies focused on the chemical components of electronic cigarette liquids rather than steam.

Researchers devised a mechanical procedure to mimic steam in the lab, using lung tissue samples from eight non-smokers.

The study found that evaporation causes inflammation and damages the alveolar macrophage, cells that remove potentially harmful dust particles, bacteria, and allergens.

Researchers say some of the effects were the same as those of ordinary cigarettes and people with chronic lung disease.

They warn that these are laboratory results and advise further research that is needed to better understand the long-term health impact – changes were only recorded after 48 hours.

An independent report of the latest evidence on e-cigarettes was published at the Public Health Institute of England in February.

Professor Ticket says that while e-cigarettes are safer than classic cigarettes, they can be more harmful in the long run.

“When it comes to carcinogenic molecules in cigarette smoke, as opposed to electronic cigarette vapor, there is certainly a reduction in the number of cancers,” he says.

“They are safer when it comes to the risks of cancer. But if you use electronic cigarettes for 20 or 30 years and it can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, then this is something we need to know.

I don’t think e-cigarettes are more harmful than ordinary ones – but we should also be careful with claims that they are safe. “

Narrow arteries

It has been speculated for months about the impact of electronic cigarettes on our health, and now the results of new research have shown that nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes cause high blood pressure. Also accelerate heart rate and cause heart disease.

While some electronic cigarettes are healthier than usual, new research casts a shadow on these claims. Namely, research by the Karolinks Institute in Stockholm has shown that those who use e-cigarettes with nicotine are three times more likely to develop heart disease.

“The number of e-cigarettes has increased in recent years, and everyone claims they have no health impact. It has always been controversial. And now we finally have evidence of the harmful effects of these nicotine-based electronic cigarettes, “said Dr. Magnus Lundbeck.

Otherwise, the study involved 15 young people, healthy volunteers aged about 26 years. Everyone smoked up to ten cigarettes a month, usually on the go, and they had never tried e-cigarettes before.

This study used electronic cigarettes – one day those with nicotine and another day those without nicotine.

Thereafter, they noted a loss of elasticity in the arteries, which, according to Dr. Lundbeck, is a condition that over a long period of time using these electronic cigarettes can lead to a number of chronic diseases.

Vaping linked to brain damage

Young people are particularly sensitive to the use of e-cigarettes and their effects. The younger a person is when he tries vaping, the higher his risk of brain damage. The developing brain is more sensitive to the effects of addictive substances than the fully developed adult brain. In addition, vaping can disrupt brain development, interfere with long-term cognitive functioning, and increase the risk of various mental and physical health problems later in life.

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