Use This Powerful Leaves to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Headaches

Use This Powerful Leaves to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Headaches

Fatherland: Asia Minor, eastern Mediterranean. It is grown in all countries of southern and western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus and the Crimea. The Roman rule, the bay leaf was a symbol of fame and glory, with the laurel wreath adorned the heads of the most prominent people. And the word “laureate” derives from the word “laurel”, that is, a man crowned with a laurel. In nature, the bay is a large, evergreen green tree with a height of 10 to 15 meters, so it is constantly cut.

As a spice most commonly used is the leaf of the plant, fruits (seeds) and dust.

The laurel leaf (bay leaf) should be stored in a closed container and in a dry place, it is best to press it down: in this way, the leaf for a long time retains the aroma.

Chemical composition:

The fruit contains “about 30 percent fat and up to 1 percent essential oil, sugar, starch, bassorin; the leaf contains bitter. terrarium and tannin and the essential oil are basically CH-Neol and alpha-pinen.

Medicinal properties:

People have long been treated with bay leaf. It gives serenity and good mood. It has diuretic properties, and there are certain antitoxic properties. The bay leaf is basically used as a spice. It is part of some old mills. Leaves and fruits have been used to treat hysteria, gastric neurasthenia, colds, poor menstruation. Bay leaf oil rubs the site during paralysis, is used to treat ears pain, headaches, bruises; this oil is also used for making candles instead of cocoa butter.

Tea has also shown good results in the treatment of diabetes, as well as for the removal of salt from joints. Bay leaf tea helps with joint pain.b Likewise, tea from several leaves or dishes cooked with bay leaves help bladder diseases. It is good to use this tea against colds.

Essential oils from the leaves serve as carminative, exit to-aromatic and perfumery. Previously, the fruits were used as a bitter remedy and spice. Today only for oiling, and externally as a hemorrhoid grease. The oil is used as a means of treating the skin and the like, usually in mixtures with other mills.

Spraying the tea with bay leaf tea chases flies and other insects.

Note: Excessive use of the bay leaves may cause vomiting.