Strengthen The Bones

Use Dandelion Root, Leaves, Flower To Strengthen The Bones And Detox The Body

The dandelion leaves contain more than 85% water. It is very rich in potassium, calcium, sodium and, above all, magnesium. The elements in the dandelion that create acid are insignificant. The composition of that herb regulates the balance between the acidic and the base environment in the human body. The dandelion is rich in many vitamins, but especially with vitamins A, B, C and D. The dandelion flower is very rich in vitamin D.

Strengthen The Bones And Detox The Body

Dandelion has a very stimulating effect on the glands. It is very useful for bone strengthening. This, above all, gives strength and hardness to the teeth. In addition, it is valuable as a stimulant in the operation of the lymph glands and thus helps in the secretion of waste matter through the pores of the skin. Therefore detox the body.

The whole herb, leaves, flowers, and root can be used, both in salads and juice. Due to his bitter taste, it is recommended that his juice is drunk mixed with carrot juice, which is beneficial for the healing properties of the carrot.