I Took Wheatgrass Shots Every Morning For Two Weeks. Here’s What Happened.

I Took Wheatgrass Shots Every Morning For Two Weeks. Here’s What Happened.

“Liquid sun rays,” a super product, an elixir of youth and health, are just some epithets that received the wheatgrass. More precisely the juice from the green saplings of wheat! And it’s not just about energy in the body but also a cure for all diseases

Here is what happens when you drink wheatgrass shots 

Wheatgrass contains 70% chlorophyll. It improves digestion and blood, expels harmful substances from the body, normalizes blood sugar, increases hemoglobin, and strengthens immunity. In case of inflammatory processes in the mouth (palate, tooth, throat) it is useful to wash with juice or store it in a mouth for up to five minutes.

The coatings from the wheat saplings reduce the pain and swelling in arthritis situations. This juice is put on the skin infections, eczema, and acne.

How to grow

A third of the jar is filled with grains of wheat (maybe oats, barley, rye) and put water its level to be two or three centimeters above the grains. Put a gauze through the jar. Every 12 hours rinse the grains and drain the water well. After 36 hours the grains will be picked and scrubbed. Put soil in a pot, and place the grains in the pot. Sprinkle with water and cover with polyethylene foil, but let it have holes in it to circulate the air. Then place the pot on the window where there is sunlight and regularly water the soil with water.

How to make a wheatgrass drink

When the wheatgrasses are about 15-20 cm long, cut them from the root and cut them on tiny pieces. Juice the wheatgrasses in a juicer. Place 50-100 ml of distilled or warm water and drink it immediately. But you can also blend them with a water in a blender and then strain it. Drink in the first half of the day starting with a teaspoon. Increase the amount to 50-80 ml.

It should not be consumed during pregnancy.