singing bowls

This Tibetan Bowls Transform The Negative Energy And Relieve The Stress

The one who had the opportunity to hear the sound of the bowls that sing knows what kind of beneficial effect they only have. Their sounds seem to resonate in every cell of our body. Experts call it a vibration massage and are said to regulate energy congestion and positively affect the whole organism.

The bowls that sing originate from Tibet, India and other eastern countries, and can also be purchased at our specialty stores. It’s enough to even hear their sound for yourself to feel their healing effect.

How the singing bowls work

  • The sound of the singing bowls removes stress and tension in the muscles and the body;
  • It improves thinking processes and increases concentration;
  • Normalizes pressure;
  • Synchronizes the work of the two hemispheres of the large brain, which perfects the creative abilities;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Relieves from insomnia;
  • Contributes to healing fractures;
  • It removes energy stagnation, which also means eliminating diseases.

Energy massage

To “extract” the appropriate sound, the masters of this technique hit the singing bowls with a special wooden rod or a pencil. Eastern experts claim that if the singing bowls are put above the person lying, their sound will be different where there is a slowdown of energy and problems with internal organs that occur as a result of energy blockage. It is recommended that in this case, you hold the bowl above the affected area, gently hitting it with a wooden rod. When its sound returns to its original, clear tone, it means that the congestion of power has been eliminated.

Watching the house

With the sounds of the singing bowls, the negative energy in the home is transformed into a positive one. It is particularly useful to clean the premises where people quarrel and say curses. It is also important that you do this before moving into the apartment to clean the space from the energy of previous residents. Before that, it is considered that the singing bowls attract happiness, money, and health, success and wealth. And at work prosperity.