Throw Your Glasses And Get Your Vision Back With This Amazing Juice

All endives and other herbs from the family of chicory are very useful foods in salads. They are slightly bitter and therefore increase the secretion of saliva. Because endive stimulates the excretion of the bile, it helps to cleanse the liver. The endive stimulates the work of the spleen. It contains about 90% water, but cellulose fibers are slightly tough and therefore have to be thoroughly chewed.

The juice that will help you get your vision back

The endive juice, if added to the carrot juice, celery, and parsley, is very useful for the organs of vision. The endive is rich in potassium, sodium, and phosphorus. I know many people who have vision problems. But after several months of regular drinking of these juices, they were able to drop their glasses and get their vision back.

I also remember the true story of a woman whose complete blindness, which lasted almost two years, improved so much over several months and the woman was able to read a newspaper. That change was made possible by the daily consumption of these mixed juices, from other raw juices and from the change in its diet.