This Is The Most Powerful Grass That Few People Know And Do Not Make The Most Of All Their Benefits

The oregano is a two-year or multi-year herb, a bush high up to 1 meter. The trunk is quadrangular, branched, gray and fibrous.

The leaves are more fibrous, up to 3 cm long, have short stems and flat edges. With a magnifying glass, you can see the yellow dots (glands) of the sheet, stem, and flower. On the tops of the brown branches, there are flowers composed of small, whitish and pink flowers that are almost quadrangular on the base. It has a special pleasant aroma, and aromatic taste, warm and slightly bitter. The oregano originates from countries around the western Mediterranean. The oregano is a folk remedy that is used internally, similar to mint, but also as a spice. The medication consists of dried and chopped overhead parts of large-scale, large-sized, Majorana hortensis.

Chemical composition:

Contains essential oil, tannin, and bitter substances. The oil is yellow or yellowish-green with a special and mild odor. Contains terpenes (especially terpenic) and terpineol.

Medicinal properties:

As a herb from the Mediterranean region, the oregano was known to the ancient ancient nations of Egypt, Romans, and Ellens. It was used as a spice, a miraculous means that helps against all diseases, but the oregano is especially effective against colds. In the middle of the last century, it was grown because of its aroma and beauty. This folk remedy is used internally, similar to the mint. It is used externally in the form of medicinal ointment or alcoholism such as nervousness, against skin inflammation and wound healing (tannin and antibacterial action of the oil). Otherwise, the main part of the herb is used as an aromatic spice. Oregano tea may regulate stomach problems and remove morning sickness.

The tips of the herb serve to rub the painful areas against a headache. Also against insomnia, it is recommended to put fresh leaves on the pillow. Also, fresh leaves or orange juice soothe a toothache. The oregano oil has an antiseptic effect, it is moderate tonic and digestive, soothes the nerves and can stimulate menstruation.