These Are The 12 Methods to Eliminate Fleas, Ants And Cockroaches From Your Home

Fleas, ants and cockroaches are just some of the examples of common household pests. There are a lot of products that have claimed to kill these annoying critters, but most of them are full of harmful chemicals and they are requiring you to leave your house for some time or leave a toxic and dangerous residue in the carpet you would not want your children or pets to be playing on.

Instead, a huge number of safer home remedies can actually eliminate all of those fleas, ants and cockroaches with the help of common household products, as well as good hygiene practices

Here are the 12 amazing methods to eliminate fleas, ants and cockroaches:

  1. Use dishwashing detergent against fleas

It is like a homogeneous poison to fleas. Look out for the solution that was demonstrated in the video below:

  1. Wash and vacuum everything

WikiHow have explained that in order to eliminate fleas, you have to get rid of their eggs and larvae first, thus, spend a day washing everything inside your house that they might live in. the video below will help you how to do so:

  1. Salt your carpet

This may actually sound odd and weird, but here is the reason why it works:

  1. Create a natural flea spray

Once you have already controlled the early flea population with the help of above steps, create your own natural products in order to keep the fleas away. Try this kind of solution:

  1. Deter ants with household products

Forget about the harmful chemicals that can also stink up your entire house. Try to use these 4 amazing solutions that were included in the video below:

  1. Bait or trap the ants

In the video that was attached below, you will see how you will create the trap:

  1. Look for the nest of the ants

You have to be extra careful because there are aggressive ants that can actually bite you painfully. They also play an essential part in our ecological system, so only destroy the nest of other methods have failed. Pour boiling water into the entrance of the nest and then it will simply flow all throughout the tunnels and will eventually kill the colony. You can also use a solution of camphor oil and methylated spirits, based on what WikiHow said. Your goal is to kill the queen, who is responsible for reproducing the entire colony.

  1. Starve the cockroaches
  2. Discourage cockroaches 

Just like ants, there are natural chemicals and scents that cockroaches cannot actually stand. Here are some of them:

  1. Use cockroach bait

There are a lot of types of store-bought bait, but you can also create your own.

  1. Create your own cockroach spray
  2. Create a cockroach trap

Cockroaches needs water, therefore, they will go to extended lengths just to get it.

A bad manifestation is a health hazard, and at some point, you may actually need to use a chemical bug spray or insecticide bomb, or even call some professionals. But before doing so, try these natural home remedies first because they are a lot better for your family, pets and environment, as well.

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