Poor Circulation

Do You Suffer From Poor Circulation? Do This And You Will Thank Me Later

Feeling cold in the legs or poor circulation often occurs due to endarteritis obliterans (clogging of the arteries) and sometimes due to neurological disorders. This disease usually develops in the elderly. As for the rubbing of peas, it is similar to walking on stones, a massage machine for feet. In the case of endarteritis obliterans, which initially manifests itself with cold feet, and the pain, together with the prescribed pharmacological agents, I recommend that you make a bath for feet or a warm coating with a dwarf everlast. (Gnaphalium dioicum)

Bath for feet

50 g (pharmacy packing) dwarf everlast, sprinkle with five liters of water. Boil three to four minutes, so allow to stand for two hours. Place your feet in the bath for 30 minutes – the water temperature should be 37 degrees.

Water can be used three times. Store in a cool place, and preheat it before use. Treatment involves 40-60 treatments.


Prepare the same from above. Soak in it thick cotton socks. Put them on your feet, and wear warm socks on them. Go for two hours. Therapy also implies 40-60 treatments. Drink dwarf everlast tea at the same time. Pour two teaspoons of raw material with 400 ml of boiling water, then leave for two hours in a cool place. Drink during the day. Treatment lasts until the condition improves.