Fasting For Three Days

Study Shows Fasting For Three Days Can Regenerate Your Stem Cells

So far, you may have heard of the incredible potential health benefits of the fasting.

While many believe that fasting is an unhealthy and even dangerous practice, science says differently. Even occasional fasting, which includes restricting food intake from 8 to 10 hours, without having to stop eating for a long time, proved to have many health benefits, according to the New World Order.

Think about it this way: Our early ancestors did not always have access to food. We were eating when we had food and fasting (not with our own will). And this is the same with animals in the wild. They do not eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day; they will get food when they get too hungry, but often it goes a long time until the next catch.

Fast only three days can trigger your immune system

Indeed, studies have shown that fasting only three days can not only boost your immune system but regenerate it as a whole. Helping to ensure a long-term and healthy life.

The researchers who conducted the research described it as an extraordinary and great knowledge – without a joke! This study has shown that fasting actually stimulates stem cells to produce new white blood cells. Which will then fight infection.

Useful for cancer patients

The 72-hour fasting will also help protect cancer patients from chemo-toxicity. Chemotherapy can be quite bad for the immune system. But the results of this study suggest that starvation can help alleviate some of the harmful effects that come along with chemotherapy treatment.

In fact, researchers suggest that fasting includes a regenerative switch. How incredible is that? Fasting is something that, with a little research, everyone can easily do it. Better yet, it costs nothing!

Professor Valter Longo, chief researcher, and professor of gerontology and biology at the University of California said the study proved that the fasting can actually help the body produce a new immune system.

Professor Longo explains:

“Fasting gives the stem cells a green light that can go forward and begin to proliferate. And restore the entire system. And the good news is that the body is releasing parts of the system that could be damaged, old and ineffective, during fasting. If you start with a system that is severely damaged by chemo or aging, hunger cycles can literally generate a new immune system. “

In the survey, the participants were asked to fast in the order of two to four days for a period of six months. In addition to the regenerated immune system, researchers also noted a reduced level of IGF-1, growth-related growth hormone, tumor progression, and cancer risk.

According to Long, the researchers were actually surprised when they realized the outcome of the experiment:

“What we see in our research on humans and animals is that the number of white blood cells decreases with long fasting. Then, when you start eating again, your blood cells are coming back. That’s why we started thinking, so where do they come from? “

Long-Term fasting not only forces the body to gain energy from its own glucose and fat reserves. But it also disintegrates a large proportion of white blood cells. During each fasting cycle, the bleeding of white blood cells activates the regeneration of new cells of the stem cell-based immune system.

“We could not have predicted that long-term fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting regeneration at the stem cells in the hematopoietic system,” Longo says.

“When you are fasting, the system strives to save energy. And one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle many immunological cells that are not needed, especially those that can be damaged.”

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