Straws Made Of Wild Grass Are Vietnam’s Newest Zero-Waste Option

Straws Made Of Wild Grass Are Vietnam’s Newest Zero-Waste Option

Vietnam is the fourth largest plastics contaminant in the world. We are witnesses that the country is trying to compensate at least for a little damage. The recent trend of returning natural materials in everyday use has begun to gain great popularity.

Banana and lotus leaves have long been used in Vietnam for cooking. Thanks to their size, light availability and natural water resistance, they are also used for food packaging, especially in small, rural markets.

Buyers of groceries in some of the largest cities in Vietnam were pleasantly surprised that the banana and lotus leaves began to be used by the country’s three largest supermarket chains. Shops also had discounts for consumers who carry their bags.

Another product that is very interesting for the world public is the straw of natural grass. At first, nobody wanted to use them because they were concerned about hygiene. Now there are over 100 restaurants and hotels in Vietnam that use a natural straw instead of plastic. Natural straw can be fresh or dry.

Namely, the grass grows near wetlands, in the Vietnamese province of Mekong. Once collected, it naturally appears again after a few weeks, hence the easy supply with it. Great idea of ​​partial environmental protection.

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