Soy Milk

Soy Milk Contains Two Elements That Create Acid In Our Body

Soy milk and all other types of vegetable milk have been in use since recently. Because they are not animal products, people think that they can be a good substitute for animal milk. But soybean products produce acid in the human digestive system. Despite the fact that an alkaline reaction is achieved during laboratory testing. The comparison of soy milk with mother and cow milk can be very instructive.

Breast milk contains about 87% water, cow milk almost the same. While soy milk contains only slightly more than 10% water. Adding water to the process of soy milk does not turn that water into organic. Breast milk contains about 1.5% protein, cow milk about 3.5%, while soy milk contains more than 33% protein. Also, breast milk contains about 6% carbohydrates in the form of natural sugar. Cow milk about 5%, while soy milk contains more than 33% starch carbohydrates. Breast milk contains about 4% fat, cow’s milk from 3% to 4%, while soy milk contains about 17% fat.

When we compare the chemical composition of breast milk with soy milk, we can find that soy milk contains about 170% more phosphorus and about 400% more sulfur. These two elements create acid. On the other hand, breast milk contains about 3500% more chlorine cleaning element than soy milk.

These factors are of great importance to realize that many cases of mental illness, affinity for abnormal sex, and other nervous system problems derive from the discomforts of these elements in the diet. The lack of chlorine in this milk has a very strong effect on the gastric juice. And may lead to a lack of hydrochloric acid.

This deficiency can lead to problems in the composition and activities of the blood.

In addition, those elements in this milk are no longer organic, if the soybean powder or soy milk were treated at a higher temperature.

Finally, we can say that it is best (if the child does not want or can not drink any milk) to give the child fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices. In a great variety to provide its body with all the minerals and chemical elements. Vitamins, hormones, calories and amino acids that need it. If the juices are properly flushed freshly drained from raw fruits and from raw vegetables, the child will have a strong, healthy and vital body protected from all diseases.

When the child grows a bit, the juices can be supplemented with salads of finely cut raw fruit and raw vegetables. Boiled and canned food, concentrated cereal, grain and flour products cannot build a healthy body. Naturally, the body seeks the means and ways to get rid of waste poisoning. This is manifested by temperature, skin rash and through various diseases as a result of devitalized life-giving groceries.