Smell Of The Rain Reduces Stress

The Smell Of The Rain Reduces Stress And 7 Other Benefits Of Walking In The Rain

Walking in the rain may sound crazy, but you also have good reasons for it

Many great names from the music and film world point out that their walk in the rain was extremely pleasant to the nerves, and what they did for their health testified much.

We have 8 reasons why you should go for a walk as soon as the first drops of rain begin.

Most people get away from the rain, and only those bravest continue to walk, although moisture is high. If you need peace and quiet during a walk, the rainy days are ideal for this. It will be easier for you to move and you will not have anyone on your way.

The air is cleaner and fresher

The air is really cleaner after the rain, because the droplets have the ability to absorb different particles and purify the air.

The smell of the rain reduces stress

You are not the only one who likes the scent of the rain, which has a special name and is called Petrique, which was so named by two Australian scientists in the 1960s. The fragrance is a mix of chemicals that release bacteria from the soil, the oil that releases plants during the dry season and ozone.

Humidity is good for skin and health

A high level of humidity in the air helps to keep your skin moist and young. Some research claims that when humidity rises to 43 percent or more, nearly 3/4 of the airborne viruses become hopeless.

Walking in the rain helps us to accept some things

Such a walk makes us aware of our inability. Walking on a rainy day helps us train our brains to let go. Rain can help us reconcile ourselves with our loss and difficult moments. As with the rain – everything has its 5 minutes and then passes.

Walking in the rain burns more calories

Japanese researchers have come to the conclusion that when someone has physical activity in cold, rainy weather burns more calories and fats than on a good day.

Walking in the rain helps us to look at things from another perspective

Whether it’s darker or brighter, almost everything looks completely different when the rain falls. This can help people to see their problems from some other angle, but also the challenges that we can face with other everyday problems.

We feel rebellious

Sometimes we just need to break a rule, and walking in the rain is just the perfect thing to do it in a healthy way. Just make sure you have clothes that will warm you up and protect you from colds.

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