Smart Ways to Use Salt – Don’t Think About Cooking!

There are various ways you can use salt except in cooking. Because of this, salt was formerly highly valued and even used as a currency. Read some of its alternative uses and be prepared to be amazed!

Smart Ways to Use Salt – Don’t Think About Cooking!

Cleaning red wine stains off a carpet

First, while the stain is still wet, pour white wine to whiten the color. Then apply the stain with a sponge and cold water. Then sprinkle with salt, and leave for 10 minutes. Finally, clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Less bitter coffee

If you drink bitter coffee but prefer less bitter, put some salt in it.

Refrigerator cleaning

The refrigerator should be cleaned every three to six months to avoid bad odor. To clean stubborn stains and bad odor, mix half a cup of salt with two liters of warm water.

Clean stains on wooden surfaces

The cups leave water stains on the wooden surfaces. To make them disappear, mix a tablespoon of salt with a few drops of water to form a mixture. Then rub the mixture with a soft cloth until the stains disappear. Lastly, use a wooden surface finish for extra luster.

Bring the sponge to life

Sponges and towels usually become hard after a while. To restore them to the original state, immerse them in a liter of water mixed with about 30 grams of salt. Let them stand for the whole night.

Against bee and wasp stings

If you bite a bee, salt is a natural remedy. Soak the surface immediately and cover with salt to reduce swelling.

The smell of sneakers

Get rid of the bad smell of sneakers by putting some salt in them.

Disinfect the earrings

To expedite the healing process and avoid infections, immerse the earrings in saltwater.

Natural mouthwash

The ones you buy in the store contain many toxic chemicals and other artificial ingredients. That is why you can also use salt as a natural disinfectant for your mouth.

Green grass

Mix two tablespoons of salt with five liters of water and use as fertilizer. Then spray the grass. The salt contains magnesium that helps plants to produce chlorophyll.

Against dry throat

The next time you wake up with a dry throat, mix a glass of warm water with a little salt and simmer for 30 seconds.

Protect the garden from pests

Before planting, mix the seeds with salt, then cover with soil. The pests will run away while the plant can grow.

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