Sleeping Pillow

How Your Sleeping Pillow Affects Your Health

To sleep is not only necessary on a flat and hard bed, but also on a hard pillow. I suggest you use a hard pillow. It should lie flat and the neck put on the pillow so that the 3 and 4 back vertebrae literally lie on it. No need to say, the one who did not get used to such a pillow will feel pain. In such a case, you can put a cloth or a piece of soft cloth on it. However, it is necessary to remember: from time to time it is necessary to pull that fabric and slowly to get used to the hard pillow. That way, after a while, you will get used and you can sleep on a hard pillow without the need for any help.

The first rule is, above all, related to the functioning of the nasal septum. It is known that if we act on its specific points, we can stimulate the work of the internal organs. For example, in case of fainting, it is useful to smell liquid ammonia. In doing so, the peripheral nerve endings of trigeminus and sympathetic nerves receive the necessary impulse. And a man comes to consciousness. It is known that the condition of the nasal septum can affect the following diseases: pollen fever, asthma, myoma, tension of the heart artery, gastrointestinal disease, endocrine system, thyroid and thymus, inability to maintain urine, pain during menstruation , enteritis, attenuation of the diaphragm, kidney disease, liver disease, stomach, ears, restlessness and dizziness.

The hard pillow will completely replace the stimulation of the reflex nerves in the nose. Using a hard pillow treats any nasal inflammation, thus removing the disorders in the appropriate organs associated with that inflammation.

The hard pillow also affects the neck of the spine, which, as we already know, is especially times of fuss for the constant movement. Approaching among them the vertebrae, the hard pillow. stimulates circulation in the brain and thus prevents the development of atherosclerosis. And therefore, the hard pillow is placed under the 3 and 4 spine vertebrae. The size of the pillow must be such that it can fill the hollow between your paw and the spatula. The point is that the backbone of the three vertebrae is straight and placed on a hard and flat surface. Large and small pillows that look comfortable, in fact only contribute to distorting our neck. And in addition, they strongly heat the vertebrae.

The hard pillow is best done from wood, but it is very important that the smell of the tree does not cause allergy. It can also be made from wadding or small pebbles, wrapped with cloth on top.

In Japan, they say: “The curved neck is a sign of a short life”. The swelling of the neck vertebrae causes inflammation in their joints. And due to the difficult movable neck, strong and blunt pains occur not only in the neck but also in the rear. In addition, swelling of the 3 and 4 vertebrae causes a disease in the teeth.

Chronic neck pain can usually be seen in people aged 40 years and older. Due to the type of work, many are forced to sit long over the table. After people have moved from physical to intellectual work, pain in the neck is extensively spread. The foundation is laid in childhood. Today’s children spend a lot of time in a sitting position (and in the free time it is necessary to add the computer, the TV …)

Warning signs of diseases of the back of the spine is a pain in the rear, pain in the eyes and ears, and in the area of the shoulder belt. They also occur at rest. In addition, the movement of the neck is bound. As a rule, it is difficult for such patients to find a comfortable sleeping position. They often wake from pain in the neck because of the inconvenient head position. Which causes joint pressure and joints on the back of the spine.

Using a hard pillow will help to overcome this problem. Surely, the first days or even weeks, there will be a pain, maybe there will be a swelling of the nail. But it is very important to continue using a hard pillow, as long as the unpleasant feelings do not pass.