Show Me Your Hands, And I Will Tell You How Healthy You Are

Show Me Your Hands, And I Will Tell You How Healthy You Are

How can we determine the propensity for a disease in the outward appearance?

The timely signs, read in the palms, can help a person to pay attention to possible health problems in a timely manner, to address a doctor, correct the diet, or change the way of life.

The color of the palms

The hands with pink tint say that it is probably everything right with the health, as a rule, their owners are positive, open and healthy people. If the skin has a blue tint, it can be assumed that there are problems with the cardiovascular system, vegetative vascular dystonia or low blood pressure. Hands with unnaturally red color are likely to testify for increased blood pressure. The skin of the hands with a yellowish nuance should encourage the person to check the bile and the liver.


If vertical lines are visible on the nails, it speaks of a lack of certain minerals in the body or an outdated infection. If nails have horizontal lines, one can assume that a person has recently undergone long-term healing. In such cases, be sure to pay attention to the immunity is probably reduced and it is necessary to work on the strengthening of the body.


In the case of the upper phalanxes of the fingers (the part between the two wrists) is thickened. The lungs should be checked. Of course, this is not a statement of the disease. But a signal that helps to pay attention to the disease.

For example, a patient with this symptom regularly checked and had no health problems. Later, she found that her work was related to the spraying of varnishes and paints. Therefore her fingers have the signs of damaged lungs. In such cases, change the occupation without delay, because otherwise, you will seriously disrupt your health.