pumpkin seed

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Its name was derived from the Celtic name “empty container” because some pumpkins are used as containers.

The teak originated in South America, where it was known to 3000,000 ducks before our era. It is a unique vegetable. Sugar, cellulose, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, B, B2, PP and provitamin A are contained in the flask of the gourd (and they reach giant sizes of 60 kg or even more). The gourd seed contains 22 to 41 percent fatty oil, resinous substances 11 organic acids. The pumpkin seed oil does not lag behind, according to quality, behind higher quality vegetable oils and unlike butter is not harmful to people of middle and aged age. If all that is said is added that the pumpkin is not problematic for breeding and does not require special conditions for growing, it is astonishing that this useful product has not taken its worthy place either in the fields or at the table.

From a medical point of view, the inside of the gourd and its seeds are also healing. The interior, boiled, especially in combination with wheat or rice, is recommended against many diseases.

But in this case, it does not interest the pumpkin seed. We will say something more about him.

The gourd seed is clean and left to dry in an open space, with good ventilation, split into a thin layer, preferably in one row.

The seeds are used as a means of urination and against intestinal parasites. It is also eaten in case of diseases of urogenital organs. The pumpkin seed is treating cancer, according to a study. It also improves sleep and vision.

When the seeds of pumpkin and hemp (1: 1) are cooked gradually, boiled water is added, and “milk” is obtained. Drainage “milk” is used in case of blood in the urine.