Elderberry Beats the Flu

Scientists Verify Elderberry Beats the Flu, Prevents Colds & Strengthens Immunity

Many times named as the world’s finest herb, the elderberry is really a special plant. Recently I wondered why I do not remember childhood as a period of colds, injections and stays in hospitals, and lately, the smallest seasonal flu is getting harder to cure. I immediately reminded myself of the refreshing and sweet taste of the tea and the juice from the elderberry as well as the jam from the berries prepared by my grandmother, and I, through laughter and play, I enjoyed it, not knowing that she protected and strengthened my immunity every day.

Elderberry beats the flu

Scientists have concluded that the active substance in the elderberry can shorten the duration of the flu in 4 days. Due to the contents of the mucus containing it, the elderberry calms the dry cough, so it can often be found in the combined herbal remedies that use pills, sprays or syrups against coughing. Numerous are the folk remedies created by this noble plant quite important for the winter period, and its naturally special, interesting and sweet taste makes it so easy to consume.

Therefore, in this period of colds, we can conclude that the elderberry is the taste that will offer us exactly what we need … the feeling of comfort and relief, much like when we were kids and we felt the care of our grandmothers during the cold.

Here is a recipe of elderberry syrup

Elderberry Beats the Flu

The original recipe by Petar Dimkov is as follows: In a 5 kg jar. put a row of black elderberry (2 cm thick), and put sugar above them. The upper layer is sugar – 9 cm. Instead of a lid, place a piece of cloth and leave the jar in a light and sunny place for sugar to melt. When it is done drain it through a thin cloth and squeeze it. Put it in bottles and close with a cloth and not with a cap and store it in a cool place so that it does not spoil.

If you still close it with a cap or jar/bottle cap – open them every day or do not hold them tightly closed, because the fermentation process may spoil. The fruits cannot be thrown away, and you can make jam from them.

From this prepared medication, 1 tablespoon is consumed in the morning, at noon and at night, 20 minutes before eating. In prevention, it can only be taken once a day – in the morning. This recipe is recommended in many cases: as a preventative measure for the general strengthening of the immune system, against aging and wrinkles, against colds and flu, and even against cancer. Again pay attention that you do not use green fruits of elderberry, and only dark and mature fruits. Green fruits are wild elderberry and contain poisonous substances.

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