Scientists Found an Edible Mushroom That Eats Plastic, and It Could Clean Our Landfills

Scientists Found an Edible Mushroom That Eats Plastic, and It Could Clean Our Landfills

The problem of accumulation of plastic waste is growing year by year, but at the pier is its solution. As scientists around the world are working to find procedures that would allow the decomposition of plastics. Its reuse or transformation into a useful product.

One of perhaps the most interesting solutions comes from Austria where designers from one study, in cooperation with microbiologists, constructed a device that, with the help of mushrooms, can convert plastics into an edible product. When contruction of this innovative product comes from the view that people around the world love to eat different types of mushrooms. But use only fruiting bodies, that is, hats and sticks in the diet, while the mycelium that grows the substrate and collects nutritional elements for the growth of mushrooms is not considered food. Designers and microbiologists had in mind just mycelium as a source of food for humans.

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The device consists of an egg-shaped box-like container. In these beds, egg-shaped containers of sterilized plastic are placed into which a few drops of fungi are poured. After a week or two, in controlled conditions of production, the plastic will be completely covered with mycelium. For the time being, there are two spas, ie buckwheat and two-legged spores.

Bukovaca is known all over the world, and the two-letter is mainly used in China, Africa and Mexico. Its mycelium, when it grows into plastic, as the contractors of this device say, has a mild and neutral taste.

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Although this innovative process has a perspective, it should be noted that the process of transforming plastics with the fungus operation is very long and lasts for several months. Therefore, it is a challenge for the contractors to shrink this process in the future. And make the whole idea applicable to a wider circle of users.

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