Sleeping In a Cold Room

Science Says Sleeping In a Cold Room Is Better for Your Health

Do you like sleeping in a warm room? You’re wrong!

Science says temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius are ideal for good sleep. Even though it won’t hurt you how much sleep in the overheated room does.

Sleeping in a cold room

Sleeping at lower temperatures can reduce the risk of certain metabolic diseases, such as diabetes. Sleeping in a crowded room prevents our body from releasing melatonin, an anti-aging hormone. So, sleeping in the cold and rejuvenating, because as a direct response to the fall in temperature, our body produces more growth hormones, and this is known to slow down the aging process.

In addition to health, there are a number of practical benefits of sleeping in a chilled room. It has been proven that you fall asleep faster and easier, that the quality of sleep is better, and the rest is the right one. Why?

If our internal organs cannot reach the required temperature but are too warm, they will struggle to relax.

Therefore, switch off the heating before going to sleep, open the window, put on a lighter wardrobe.

Although, you can sleep naked, and even if you have some companionship in it … you will be left with all the comforts of the “cold side of the pillow”.

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