Say Goodbye To Knee And Joint Pain, And Heart Problems With This Herb

Joint pain and also knee pain are today’s most common pains that we suffer. Our lives became so stresful and fast that we are not able to rest enough. Heart problems are number one killer in the world, and they are our biggest problems. With this herb you are going to get rid of these problems.

Today’s medicine uses rosemary leaves. The smell that is intensively smoldering is the Rosemary camphor. Just like the real camphor, Rosemary camphor stimulates circulation and acts favorably on the nerves. It accelerates the secretion of bile.

However, the main application of rosemary is related to the nerves and circulation. Today, basically, it is used for outdoor massages and for relaxing baths. With alcoholic tincture, we massage people with rheumatic diseases and in patients with neuralgia. Rosemary fats are good against wounds and sores that slowly heal.

Today, rosemary extract is used for the customers. A very elegant shape is the rosemary salt for bargains. Such a bath is refreshing. That’s why it’s not recommended at night because then you cannot sleep well. In contrast, in the morning this bath is ideal for extending the working day. These baths are the most appropriate for low-pressure people.

For heart problems, with rosemary tincture, you should rub the chest above the heart in the morning and also in the evening and rub it with circular movements (the name of this grease in the pharmacy is Unguentum cardiacum).

Alcotincture for joint pain and knee pain:


  • 30 gr of chopped rosemary,
  • 1 lemon cut along with the peel (on cubes),
  • 2 tiles camphor,
  • 300 ml of 96% alcohol

The mixture should stand for 48 hours in the sun or in a warm place, well closed. Then add to the remaining mass 300 ml of alcohol again. After 48 hours, the two ingredients should be combined and the preparation can be used to massage the painful places of the back, hips, also knees or joints or the boring pains in the swollen feet.