Save Your Scraps People: Here Are 20 Plants You Can Easily Regrow At Home

Save Your Scraps People: Here Are 20 Plants You Can Easily Regrow At Home

Each of us wants to have fresh vegetables at home, in the kitchen, for preparing delicious, healthy meals. There are 20 plants you can easily regrow at home, so you can have always fresh veggies and fruits.

Everyone can keep vegetables in their own home, which will always be fresh for eating. There are more plants that you can throw after a meal, but you do not have to, because they can be planted again.

You can easily regrow at home 20 plants from their scrapes.

Fennel, young onions, onions, and leeks can be planted again with the end of the white root. Place it in a glass jar and sprinkle water. Keep it in a bright room.

Cabbage, celery, and lettuce are very similar to the previous category. The secret is hidden in the white root. As with the previous ones, it is enough to put water on the root and also leave them in the sunlight.

Tropical grass is not very different from the common. Place the root in a jar with a little water and place it in a po to start growing again.

Potatoes are one of the easiest plants for regrow. If there are “eyes”, cut the potato in parts, for each part have an “eye” in it. Leave it in a dry place and in a few days plant it in the soil with the “eye” up. Add soil as the potato grows.

Also don’t throw away the potato peels. Make this remedy from them for joint pain relief. Read more here.

As for ginger, the fat part is important. Place it in the soil and leave it in a warm and damp room, but not in direct sunlight.

For garlic is enough only one piece, which is planted with the root down and leaves in direct sunlight.

Same for the garlic skins, don’t throw them away. Learn more here how to use them instead.

Carrot tips are interesting for decorating, but they are not eaten. This part can be both planted and placed in a jar with water. The carrot also will start to grow in a few days of sunlight.

Pineapple also can be planted again, too. Place the large green part of the top in water and in a warm environment.

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