This Russian Weed Cures Leukemia Because Of Its Special Protein

This medicinal herb has been regarded as a poisonous weed until recently, however, according to the latest research – its root, leaf, and berries are used to treat all the “new” diseases of today, such as leukemia, Aids, atypical dermatitis …

The very beautiful ornamental herb, which has grown for centuries as a weed along the roads in Russia. This was the case until the end of the eighties of the last century when many of its medicinal properties were completely accidentally discovered. Only then did the planned cultivation of this herb begin. After many experiments in Russia, it has been found that it helps to treat leukemia, Aids, atypical dermatitis …

How to prepare herbal treatment

For the preparation of medicinal preparations, the root of the pokeweed is most often used, but only if it is older than three years. The root is removed from the ground in autumn after the final vegetative period. Then clean, wash well and leave to dry. If it’s good weather, dry it in the sun for a few days. Also, to speed up the procedure, you can dry it in an oven, about 50 degrees, for three hours.

The root is ready when you break it, and the interior will receive a yellowish color. If you see a red color you should not use it for the preparation of medicinal preparations. The coral of the pokeweed has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial action, and it can also be used to strengthen the immunity. The mature berries of the pokeweed are collected when they take up the color of the blueberry so that you can use it only after you dry them a little in the oven.

The leaves of the pokeweed can be harvested throughout the year. When picking leaves or berries, you should wear protective gloves, because the color of the berries is very difficult to wash away from the hands, and the fresh leaves can burn you. Use fresh leaves as skin coverings in case of skin diseases, but put the leaves at least twice in hot water, and wait for two or three minutes (so as not to burn the skin).

Chemical composition

The root of the pokeweed contains many organic compounds and mineral salts, but there is especially one medicinal property – phytoalexin. In the leaf of the pokeweed, there is plenty of this alkaloid, but it is rich in other biologically highly active substances and antioxidants. The berries of this herb also contain a huge amount of vitamins, microelements needed by the body, as well as carbohydrates.

The protein from the root helps in the case of leukemia

In Russia, the last few years have been exploring the effect of pokeweed in the treatment of many oncological diseases and Aids. It all started when in the root of this herb was revealed the specific protein PAP-toxin, which is used to treat leukemia B43-PAP. In the course of the studies, it was found that PAP-toxin binds to the leukemia-causing virus and becomes visible to leukocyte cells, which can only then be destroyed.

1. Root tincture

Is made in a ratio of 1:10 (100 ml of 70% alcohol mixed with 10 g ground and dried roots).
Tincture should sit for at least three weeks and then you can use it. Helps to treat inflammation of the throat and the throat tonsils (pharyngitis and laryngitis): take a sip and wrap it in your mouth for five minutes and then spit it. Do it several times a day until the pain and feeling of tension in the throat pass. You can also use the tincture for the treatment of sciatica and lumbago: soak several layers of gauze with this solution, then place them in the affected area.

2. Tincture of a leaf

Is used as a scalding agent, a mild laxative or a diuretic. Sprinkle two tablespoons of fresh or dried leaf from the pokeweed with a glass of brandy or vodka, then let it stand for a week in a dark and cool place. Drain it and take ten drops with sugar. Also, you can dissolve such drops in a glass of water. Take it twice a day – until the symptom passes.

3. Cream

Is used in the case of eczema, various atypical dermatitis, lichen and other skin disorders that do not respond to other drugs. Some also use it to treat psoriasis. Take two tablespoons of tincture from the pokeweed and mix it with 200 g of fresh white pig fat (you can substitute swine grease with a medicinal lanolin, which is purchased in pharmacies). The most important thing is that the ratio is 1:10.

4. Oil

You can prepare it from the powder that is obtained when the dried and grind root of the pokeweed is put into a coffee grinder. Mix two tablespoons of powder with 250 ml of olive oil (or some other vegetable oil). This drug is rubbed by the Russians in the skin in case of some dermatological diseases, even those most severe.

5. Tea

In 250 ml of boiling water put 5 gr dried and ground root of pokeweed. Boil for two minutes, leave to stand for half an hour, then drain it. Take one tablespoon of this tea three times a day before eating.